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Wipes for Cleaning eyewash & Teeth

Wipes for Cleaning eyewash & Teeth

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Oral special wipes 50 pieces,
Go to the tear stain wipes 100 pieces,

Ear wipes 100 pieces

1. It has a finger sleeve design that adapts to finger size, easy to use, can also interact with animals while cleaning teeth and enhance intimacy
2. With mint ingredients for fresh breath, effective tartar cleaning, more lasting effect.
3. Enough: a product contains 50 pieces, which can answer all your requests.
4. Safe and healthy: all materials of the wipe are natural and non-toxic, soft and harmless.
1. Remove eyewash from the container with clean hands.
2. Clean your pet's teeth as needed.
3. Dispose of used wipes in the trash, do not rinse.
4. Close the lid firmly so that the wipes do not dry.
Material: Fabric
Size: One Size
Bottle: 8.2cm x 5.8cm x 8.5cm (3.23inx2.28inx3.35in)
Quantity: 1 box (other demo accessories in the picture are not included!)

Packing list:
A box of pet cleaning wipes


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