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Retractable Leash And Dog Collar Spotlight Automatic

Retractable Leash And Dog Collar Spotlight Automatic

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100% new and of superior quality. Provides your dog with greater range and mobility. Suitable for small, medium, and large pets. One-handed brake and locking mechanism for preventing movement. Telescopic design; stretches and retracts automatically. Lock button for added security. Large, easy-to-hold handle.

Product information:

Material: ABS
Scalable: Yes
Color: Dream Purple 3m, Sunshine Orange 3m, Mint Green 3m, Explosion-proof ★Dream Purple 5m, Explosion-proof ★Sunshine Orange 5m, Explosion-proof ★Mint Green 5m
Specifications (length * width): single traction rope (automatic telescopic one-button brake), traction rope + small collar, traction rope + medium collar, traction rope + large collar
Size: Small 17.5*9*4.8cm Large 18.5*11*5cm

Packing list: 

1*towing rope/1*towing rope+1*collar

Size Information:

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